What Is Colorectal Cancer

colorectal cancer in Georgetown

A single word can denote or connote two items. Such is the case for colorectal cancer in Georgetown. It might be incurable in most cases but rest assured that it is not a death sentence. In most cases, after successful treatment by the medical specialists, the cancer is placed in remission and the senior gentlemen who would usually be susceptible to this common form of cancer would be able to carry on with their lives just as before.

So to explain as briefly and clearly as possible in layman’s terms.

Colorectal cancer is cancer of the colon or rectum, not both. But the colon/rectum is located along the digestive tract’s lower end. Early signs of colorectal cancer are identified as non-cancerous polyps. Disconcertingly, there are no symptoms that can initially be easily detected through the screening process. That being said, the recommendation has been made regularly over the years that all gentlemen over the years of fifty avail themselves to a screening on a regular basis. 

The regularity of this screening would usually range from every other year to every five years.

Should symptoms of colorectal cancer be detected, it would depend on the size and location of the cancer. Typical symptoms encountered include habitual bowel changes, stool consistency changes, abdominal discomfort and blood in the stool. Treatment of the colorectal cancer will also depend on its size and location. It will also depend on just how far the cancer has spread. Typically applied treatments will of course include surgery in order to remove the cancer.

If not that, radiation and chemotherapy will be considered by the specialist medical practitioner. So to end. The merest discomfort down there if you will should not be taken lightly if it persists. Do take care.