What Can You Vape?

As humans progress further into the digital age, many traditional eating, sleeping, and even exercise methods have been modernized to include mobile apps and other technologies.  From delivery services to inventions designed to enhance our routines, almost everything we do is a better and often safer version of how a habit or need used to be done.

Smoking is no exception, and in 2021, the options for using smokable products have progressed from odorous and toxic methods to sleek and stylish vaporizers.

Essentially a vaporizer is the same idea as traditional fire and substance smoking methods, except that heat is applied to a liquid via a heating element so the resulting vapor can be inhaled.

An electronic vaporizer can be a great alternative to the adverse effects that traditional smoking methods create.  Individuals seeking healthier ways of ingesting their favorite substances have a variety of options in the vape world to make their dosing fun and effective.


Two of the most common substances that people enjoy vaping are nicotine and CBD oils.  Nicotine and CBD liquid comes in a variety of strengths and flavors to maximize vaping benefits.  They can be purchased at most tobacco shops, often for much cheaper than a carton of pre-rolled cigarettes or other forms of CBD products.

Liquid THC can also be vaporized quite effectively, making it an excellent alternative for those seeking discretion when medication with THC products.

Herb Vaporizers

Additionally, vaporizers are not just for heating e-liquids either.  There are many types of dry herb vaporizers designed to function similarly to e-liquid vaporizers.  The difference being that instead of a liquid cartridge being used, you can put a dry herb directly into the vaporizer tanks to get a more potent effect and a more natural taste.